“It has a ton of twang, and is folky enough to come right out of the east coast! Ryan Problems has a punk-rock voice and it reminds me a lot of bands like PUP, Millencolin, NOFX, and maybe Pennywise! It’s a gritty, raspy, and high voice. I was blown away by just how eclectic their sound is.” – More Than Melody Concert Review by Justin Presley


“The record takes on an interesting approach to the common genre of indie/folk music. The instrumentals are strong and keep the vibe of being driven by those common musical influences in focus. Ryan Problems & The Solutions show that they have a sold influence and as a band they have clearly moved forward in the indie/folk direction. The album is interesting to listen and does provide a slight twist on the indie rock genre that bands like Mumford and Sons and The Naked and Famous have brought into focus. ” said Chelsea Lewis in a review of Please Stop Cryin’ for the Celebrity Cafe


Local Band Releases First Album – NorthBayNippising