“It has a ton of twang, and is folky enough to come right out of the east coast! Ryan Problems has a punk-rock voice and it reminds me a lot of bands like PUP, Millencolin, NOFX, and maybe Pennywise! It’s a gritty, raspy, and high voice. I was blown away by just how eclectic their sound is.” – More Than Melody Concert Review by Justin Presley

An impressive performance. They were tight, they were funny, they were very musical. Their songs were a nice mix of originals and covers. They consistently delivered with smooth tempo changes, impressive shifts in dynamics, and great ability to morph the song style from blues to rockabilly and more. – Brian Risk for Brian Risk Music Productions

“The record takes on an interesting approach to the common genre of indie/folk music. The instrumentals are strong and keep the vibe of being driven by those common musical influences in focus. Ryan Problems & The Solutions show that they have a sold influence and as a band they have clearly moved forward in the indie/folk direction. The album is interesting to listen and does provide a slight twist on the indie rock genre that bands like Mumford and Sons and The Naked and Famous have brought into focus. ” said Chelsea Lewis in a review of Please Stop Cryin’ for the Celebrity Cafe

Local Band Releases First Album – NorthBayNippising