Photos From Recent Travels

We’ve been having tonnes of fun traipsing around Ontario the past month. We’ve had the pleasure throughout November of playing in mostly places we’ve never been before.

We have a few shows coming up in December. Be on the lookout for a couple of Christmassy announcements and our in-studio performance on Hunter’s Bay Radio to hit Youtube soon.

Photos from 100 Georges

We had a killer time playing at The George on a Wednesday night. The show was organized in part by Old Shores and we shared the bill with the duo as well as Unaired Pilot, playing their first show together. There are always a lot of familiar faces when we play at 100 Georges, but this time a very good friend of mine was visiting. Cas made a nice few additions to my setlist pictured below.

Photos by @KayNegus, Kee_kee and Karron Pitt.

Iroquois Falls Stage Stars Fundraiser

I went home to Iroquois Falls to play at a fundraiser for the award winning stage stars Competetive Dance Team. This is the second of their fundraisers that I have had the pleasure of playing at and both times they made it extremely worth the trip. The show was at one of my favourite Northern Ontario watering holes, The Station Restaurant and Bar in Iroquois Falls, Ontario.

This was a very special show because not only was it the first chance I have gotten to play in my home town in almost two years, but it was also the first road show I have played with my new band member, Mike Favretto. Mike is the first addition to the hopefully growing Ryan Problems Band. He is my right hand man and string expert. He plays the bass and some mandolin on my new songs.

A local photographer from Robert Jolin Photographix came out and documented the event with some fantastic high quality photos. Here is a sample photo from his online portfolio and you can also check out digital samples from the entire album at the link below.

I am headed up North again for Canada Day weekend and we are looking for more shows around the Timmins, Cochrane, Iroquois Falls and New Liskeard areas. More dates will be posted soon but in the meantime if you can help us out with a show in your area please get in touch with me through the contact form or on my Facebook profile.

New Guitar – Cort SFX AS4 NAT

I finally got a decent six-string acoustic guitar. I picked up a Cort SF Series guitar for a reasonably low price and I couldn’t be happier with the sound, size and feel of the instrument. I tried about five different guitars, a few other Corts and a Tradition.
The aim was to get a six-string Acoustic with a pick-up that would be less maintenance than my 12-string and suitable for live shows as well as possibly recording. I think its safe to say “Mission Accomplished.”

Photos from a few different shows

Here are some photos from a few different shows that took place recently. They are mostly from Halloween and the show I played with The Republic, Matt Dent, The Hecklers and The Clydesdales, but there are also a couple from the Can Change Festival.
Also, if you start from the bottom and work your way up it looks like one of those photo essays of someone getting progressively worse over the years due to drug use.

All photo except for those noted were taken by my beautiful girlfriend, Kath.